Connection Vouchers Scheme

Would you like between £250-£3,000 to upgrade your small business’ broadband? If you are a small business  based in Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester or Salford you can upgrade your business broadband for a limited time only by applying for the Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme. The vouchers will pay the fixed cost of getting you connected (grant between £250 and £3,000). Don’t miss out, call Difference,  a supplier for the Super Connected scheme on 0844 493 1100 to become superconnected in your city and find out more.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of Super Connected and see if you are eligible

How to apply:

1. Register your interest here.

2. Conditional Offer Letter.

3. After qualification your local council will inform you if you have been approved for the voucher and provide you with a Conditional Letter of Offer.

4. Supplier Quotation. Approved applicants will need to obtain two quotes from suppliers directly.

5. Quote Acceptance.

6. The applicant will confirm their acceptance of a quote with the supplier and inform the local council.

7. Installation: the supplier will install the connection at the business premise.

8. Service Delivery Certificate: the supplier and applicant jointly complete the Service Delivery Certificate to confirm that a step change in delivery has been achieved.

9. Invoice for Funding: the supplier will provide an invoice to the voucher applicant who will then forward it to the local council along with the completed Service Delivery Certificate.

10. Funding Completion: on receipt of proof of installation the local council will transfer the voucher funds to the supplier on behalf of the applicant.

11. Broadband Contract Begins: the applicant and the supplier continue the contract that has been agreed between them.  

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