Email Management

Difference email management with Logicalware

Our email management and customer support solution powered by Logicalware manages and organises all customer enquiries in one place. It's an outstanding email support ticket system, knowledge base and customer self service portal to help you deliver fast and improved support to your customers.


  • Increase agent efficiency
  • Provide high quality responses faster and within set timescales
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce repeat enquiries
  • Make the task of managing the email handling process easier
  • Reduce costs
  • Use reports to improve and measure agent & team performance

Contact us by phone on 0344 493 1100 or by email at support@differencecorp.com to set up this service or to go over any additional questions you may have. 


Complete Email Management: optimize your efficiency and effectiveness. It's very quick and easy to track and respond to enquiries.

Support Ticket System: Logicalware automatically creates a ticket and allocates a unique reference number to very new incoming message. All actions and follow up correspondence is stored with that record, ensuring that any agent who responds to customers has the complete history.

Automatic Email Routing: inbound messages are assigned to an individual, department or queue according to criteria predefined by you. The assignment engine allows effective and targeted assignment so that the right messages are dealt with by the right person or team. For example: all emails sent to sales@example.com could be automatically assigned to the sales team.

Powerful Reporting: the powerful monitoring and reporting features make life much easier for managers. They can track the performance of individual agents and teams as well as gain real-time insight into their department's customer caseload.

Automated Email Responses: Logicalware's knowledge base can categorise incoming enquiries by identifying specific keywords. Based on these keywords the knowledge base can then optionally choose the most appropriate response.

Self-service Portal: our customer self service portal allows you to quickly and easily ask questions and get instant answers automatically within your own website.